Furnishing the Digital Era

Digital Elements published Furnishing the Digital Era, a subscription monthly newsletter focused on technology trends for the furniture and home furnishings industry from 1999-2002.

Furnishing the Digital Era is not your typical newsletter. We are focused solely on the home furnishings industry, and aim to speak honestly about the technological trends and their implications for us so that you can make the best choices possible. Expect us to filter out the irrelevant and inconsequential. We will offer potential solutions to your problems, but we won’t try to convince you of an idea or sell you on a product. You won’t need a technical jargon dictionary to read it. And despite our passion for the promise of electronic commerce and communications, don’t expect unqualified raves — there’s a lot of crap out there!

Editor Emily Davidow (recently featured as a “Profile in Courage” in High Points Magazine) has always been passionate about the areas where technology and home furnishings intersect. When she began creating the pioneering home furnishings commerce Web site, BeHOME.com in 1994, there was no map. She created Digital Elements to help others find their way and has developed sites and srategies for companies in both the home furnishings and technology industries.

Now the business world and media are focused keenly on the Internet economy, but excessive hype and shameless opportunism in the Internet world make it difficult to filter the signal from the noise. Furniture usually falls under the radar screen of the digital economy, and there are few guides to help you find your way. Having history and lessons learned, things begin to become clear through all the noise, particularly what works — and doesn’t — for our industry. Many home furnishings companies come to me seeking advice and guidance for strategies for the digital networked era. A few are seizing the opportunities available and building a bright and prosperous networked future. Others are latching on to the wrong trends and heading down a costly and painful road of learning.

We aspire to see the furniture industry come together to advance all stakeholders and create a thriving customer-facing industry. Industry after industry has faced a complete shift. It is now the furniture industry’s opportunity to embrace the changes and adapt, or ignore them and allow change to happen without the players we know today. One retailer cannot be successful without a network of suppliers, and one manufacturer cannot be successful without the support of a network of dealers.

Bottom line, for less than the price of a swell new suit, you can have the vital information that will keep you well informed and reap the benefits of our experience and up-to-date research. We’d be happy to send you the first 3 issues (June, July and August) free so you can decide for yourself; just reply to this e-mail with your full contact information. Subscribers will also receive access to a comprehensive database of home furnishings industry Web sites, analyzed and compared feature by feature.