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Bookmarks for 18 August 2009

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Bits of destruction hit the book publishing business, a four-part series in ReadWriteWeb. Part 1 looks at the three big waves crashing down on the traditional book publishing business: Google Search, e-books, and print on demand. Part 2 speculates on how this might play out for all participants: readers, authors, printers, publishers, retailers, and e-book […]

Bookmarks for 21 August 2009

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New Zealand authors crying foul over Google Book Settlement: Google Steals NZ Taonga and Rips off Law Commissioners and NZ authors protest Google book plan .

Bookmarks 13 August 2009

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Jim Johnston, Aaron Small and Andi Zeller from Victoria University are using the colour-changing properties of quantum nanodots to create novel materials for ink-jet printing. Competing for Eyeballs: Reading in the 21st Century Sony adapts ePub format, making its books available on many readers.

Bookmarks for 10 August 2009

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In a Digital Future, Textbooks Are History “They don’t engage with textbooks that are finite, linear and rote. Teachers need digital resources to find those documents, those blogs, those wikis that get them beyond the plain vanilla curriculum in the textbooks.” Scribd gets more social allowing people to subscribe to other Scribd members writings and […]

Bookmarks for August 6, 2009

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What’s on your ideal bookshelf? We love Jane Mount’s Ideal Bookshelf 1, JMM (pictured above), available in limited edition prints from Jen Bekman’s wonderful 20×200 project. Check out the Summer Reading exhibition at the gallery for more great book art. NYT article on MediaCloud, Ethan Zuckerman’s new database that can show the flow of media […]