Digital Elements provides strategic design for media and emerging technology. We focus on sustainability, learning, innovation and play to make multimedia experiences, websites, interfaces, identities, strategies and communications that increase well-being and global happiness.

Founded in 1995 by Emily Davidow to provide strategic design for the Internet, Digital Elements has designed and developed award winning websites and experiences across many media. Digital Elements also published Furnishing the Digital Era, an influential technology trend newsletter for the home furnishings industry.

The inspiration for Digital Elements’ logo comes from the I Ching (Book of Changes), which teaches that combinations of two forces, yin and yang, are responsible for the creation of all things, and the only constant in the world is change. In the digital world, those are represented by zeroes and ones. Our logo is the combination of these pairs of opposites: the yin and yang, the 0 and 1. It is through change and flexibitility that we survive, adapt and flourish.