Bookmarks for 18 August 2009

  • Bits of destruction hit the book publishing business, a four-part series in ReadWriteWeb. Part 1 looks at the three big waves crashing down on the traditional book publishing business: Google Search, e-books, and print on demand. Part 2 speculates on how this might play out for all participants: readers, authors, printers, publishers, retailers, and e-book device vendors. Part 3, looks at the economics of returnability and the impact of the Espresso Book Machine on the supply chain. Part 4 focuses on authors.
  • Great essay on indie bookstores of the future from Portland outpost of Reading Local for exploring your local literary community (in USA).
  • In Book Business 101 (or 2.0), author Judith D. Schwartz grapples with business descisions around independently publishing her book.
  • See a new Espresso Book Machine getting installed at Mark Leslie’s bookstore.
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