"Bite Size Edits" at the BookOven

Bite Size Edits Alpha

Most of the time I have to hide my inner red pen and the urge to copyedit everything I read. How intriguing then, to discover BookOven, a site that invites us to indulge the urge to fix bad spelling and procrastinate “for the greater good.” (Could it break my non-useful Scramble habit?)

BookOven, introduced this week by the founders of Librivox, calls itself a place where we help each other make better books. You can help make their public domain texts perfect or upload your own content then invite colleagues, editors and friends to work on a private or public writing project.

Their “Bite Size Edits” alpha release serves up random snippets from public domain books (including Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace and Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother) and feeds the corrected texts back to Project Gutenberg. BookOven uses game techniques to make it fun and rewarding. You can see how many snippets you’ve edited in each session, your rank and how you score against other editors. You can also pick a specific project and jump right in. Tasty!

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